Energize employees, impact wellness and increase productivity

Energize employees, impact wellness and increase productivity

About half of your employees must manage living and working with a chronic condition.1 And your employees must navigate the challenges of daily life – finances, relationships, and finding work-life balance. New Ocean’s mobile health tool offers 24/7 access to solutions that work to address all their physical and mental health needs.

Our programs deliver personalized guidance and resources that work for everyone, resulting in more productivity, less absenteeism, more engagement, and better results for your entire organization.

Why It Works

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    Holistic Health

    Proprietary content backed by behavioral science to address physical and emotional well-being

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    Productivity and Engagement

    Reimagined user experience that drives utilization for a healthier, more connected workforce, wherever they are

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    Enhanced Culture

    A customizable solution that you can champion to amplify your wellness brand, cultivate community, and boost morale

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    Integrated Experience

    A single sign-on platform that delivers a personalized experience to help employees meet their individual health goals

See how we can deliver for you

See how we can deliver for you

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The Bridge (PaaS) Platform

The New Ocean Bridge is the unique and customizable platform that allows organizations to enhance their existing platforms with our functionality through our open APIs. It also gives us the capability to integrate our proprietary content with any third-party data from the various parts of the healthcare ecosystem.

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Predictive Analytics

Analyzing big data within a simplified analytics environment provides reliable insight into both the current health and the predicted risks within your population. New Ocean will work with you to uncover actionable insights from your data to inform strategies that will reduce costs and risks.

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Measuring Success

Our work doesn’t end when we implement a new solution and workplace wellness programs for your people. We’ll work with you to measure engagement, participation levels and program trends. Together, we’ll continuously look for opportunities to improve what you’re offering and make sure you’re achieving your benchmarks for success.

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1. Boersma P, Black LI, Ward BW. Prevalence of Multiple Chronic Conditions Among US Adults, 2018. Preventing Chronic Disease. 2020;17:E106. doi:10.5888/pcd17.200130