See ROI in improved health for at-risk populations
See ROI in improved health for at-risk populations

See ROI in improved health for at-risk populations

New Ocean’s digital health solutions address social determinants of health to empower your constituents to take better care of their health. Health plans, health systems and government agencies need flexible, scalable holistic health solutions that can close care gaps and drive measurable, improved outcomes that are perceptible at the population level.

Why It Works

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    Engagement and ROI

    Platform and content powered by behavioral science and digitally embedded coaching, proven to drive results

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    Holistic Health Management

    Proprietary content to address physical and emotional well-being

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    Enhanced Culture

    A customizable and configurable solution that can strengthen wellness programs, cultivate community and boost morale

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    Scalable Solutions

    A platform that can grow and evolve with all populations and their changing needs

See how we can deliver for you

See how we can deliver for you

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The Bridge (PaaS) Platform

The New Ocean Bridge is the unique and customizable platform that allows organizations to enhance their existing platforms with our functionality through our open APIs. It also gives us the capability to integrate our proprietary content with any third-party data from the various parts of the healthcare ecosystem.

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Predictive Analytics

Analyzing big data within a simplified analytics environment provides reliable insight into both the current health and the predicted risks within your population. New Ocean will work with you to uncover actionable insights from your data to inform strategies that will reduce costs and risks.

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Measuring Success

Our work doesn’t end when we implement a new solution and workplace wellness programs for your people. We’ll work with you to measure engagement, participation levels and program trends. Together, we’ll continuously look for opportunities to improve what you’re offering and make sure you’re achieving your benchmarks for success.

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