A holistic health<br/> and lifestyle management app
A holistic health<br/> and lifestyle management app

A holistic health
and lifestyle management app

Our healthy living app, The Voyage, delivers the content, health assessments, and tools New Ocean offers to your employees through an intuitive, engaging user experience that inspires behavior change, encourages healthy habits, and offers reward-earning opportunities.

  • Seamless User Journey

    With hundreds of proprietary health and well-being tools, New Ocean’s user-facing app drives lasting behavior change. It takes your employees on a seamless journey, marked by an intuitive user experience that encourages engagement. The app also integrates third-party health apps, fitness watches and trackers, and other Bluetooth-enabled health products.

    Simple Health Assessments

    Our reimagined private health assessments break down barriers to completion with fun, engaging, user-centric designs. Health assessments are not one-size-fits-all, so we offer two options, one of which takes less than two minutes for your employees to complete. Both our NCQA Certified Private Health Assessment (New Ocean PHA®) and our Minute Health Assessment® ask simple, straightforward questions to assess users’ health, without requiring them to have medical documents on hand.

    Seamless User Journey
  • Robust Content

    We offer a wide variety of content designed in house by a team of clinical experts. This includes more than 3,000 pieces of proprietary and curated content, including articles, videos, recipes, quizzes, tips and actionable insights.

    Users choose the programs and tools that are right for them, including our symptom checker, target heart rate calculator, and weight management and health advocacy tools. Our industry-leading health content is organized into four core categories: lifestyle, chronic conditions, behavioral and mental health, and financial well-being.

    Robust Content
  • Engagement

    Our app inspires your employees to take action. Strategic messaging guides users toward goal completion and supports them in earning rewards. Challenges tailored to your organization’s unique goals encourage healthy habits and promote healthy competition that boosts team morale, fosters community, and builds camaraderie. You can incentivize specific healthy behaviors and tasks with rewards and offer them in real-time to reinforce those behaviors.

    A Little Support Goes a Long Way

    • We believe success is dependent on support, and we lead the industry with a 24-hour or less response time.
    • User support & access to “New Ocean Live,” a team of smart, empathetic humans (not robots)