Product & Programs

Product & Programs

Intuitive delivery of best-in-class programs

Experience The Voyage

  • The New Ocean App

    An end to unnecessarily complex and dehumanizing wellness programs.

    With hundreds of proprietary health and well-being solutions, unique content and tips, New Ocean’s user-facing mobile product drives continuous behavior change to improve overall health and well-being. The app takes people on a seamless journey, marked by an intuitive user experience that promotes engagement.

    Further, The Voyage integrates with over 375 data sources, including third-party health apps and wearable devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and MapMyRun.

    The New Ocean App
  • Private Health Assessment

    Get the naked truth about why ours are better.

    Our health assessments are private, with fun and engaging user-centric designs.

    Health assessments should never be one-size-fits-all, so we offer two options, including a short version that takes less than two minutes. Both New Ocean’s NCQA Certified Private Health Assessment (New Ocean PHA®) and our Minute Health Assessment® are tailored to users and ask simple, straightforward questions to best assess their health.

    Private Health Assessment
  • Best-in-Class Solutions

    We offer hundreds of solutions designed by an in-house team of clinical experts. We have over 4,000 articles, 1,000 videos, hundreds of recipes and quizzes and more than 1,500 personal insights. Users control the content and tools that are right for them, leveraging our symptom checker, target heart rate calculator, weight management and health advocacy tools.

    Our industry-leading health content is created and organized across four core programs – lifestyle, chronic conditions, behavioral/mental health and personal finances. Learn more about our lifestyle and chronic condition management programs.

    Best-in-Class Solutions
  • Challenges and Rewards

    We inspire people to take action through motivational messaging and rewards that drive goal completion and milestone achievements. Challenges are issued company-wide and tailored to your company’s unique goals and culture, which makes them a great way to motivate the entire team and foster a sense of community.

    As a company, you can choose to prioritize healthy behaviors and tasks by incentivizing rewards and offering them in real time to boost motivation. Your people can choose from the rewards you offer and fulfillment is integrated into the platform for a seamless user experience.

    Challenges and Rewards
  • Support

    We believe success is dependent on support, and we are proud to offer:

    • Client Support – “New Ocean Live” a team of smart, empathetic humans (not robots)
    • Coaching
    • Biometric Screenings
    • A Social Connection – Pledged and solicited support through communities, blogs, and message boards
  • Demo The Voyage

    Seeing is believing. Request a live demo of  The Voyage to discover our full suite of lifestyle and chronic condition programs.

    Demo The Voyage