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Why New Ocean?

Why New Ocean?

Because healthcare is facing an enormous problem, and we’re here to tackle it. One of the biggest challenges in the U.S. is the rising tide of healthcare costs. To overcome this challenge, New Ocean starts with a team of experts driven by relentless curiosity and an unrivaled track record of transforming industries and effecting the behavioral changes necessary to reduce costs.

We know that employers and health plan providers are juggling the needs of those struggling to get and stay healthy with the increasingly high cost of providing support. According to a RAND Health Gallup study, 85 percent of companies with 1,000 employees or more have invested in wellness programs, but in most cases, these programs aren’t effectively engaging participants. In the past, only 60 percent of employees with access to wellness programs know about them and far fewer actually participate. New Ocean is changing this script one company at a time.


We have a strong reputation for client service built on the usability of our products, the dedication of our people and the strength of our own corporate culture. Our leadership is calm, pragmatic and solutions-focused, organizing our team of natural-born problem solvers at the intersection of tech, health and human behavior.

How We're Different

  • Believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We have an unwavering focus on meeting the unique needs of our clients, so we create a strategy and a customized plan just for you.

  • Stand for the same-old service. We created and mastered a mobile-first, people-centric platform that engages users at every step.

  • Use “science” as a buzzword. Our proprietary solutions truly are designed to be effective. They were created by a team of leading behavioral scientists and our own in-house clinical team of experts.

  • Recognize boundaries. We are focused on uncovering and fulfilling the unknown, unmet needs of the healthcare industry and inspiring transformational change.

We bring simplicity and ease to an overcomplicated industry.


We don’t:

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